About Mt. Moriah Masonic Lodge No. 292 F.&A.M.

The town of Los Gatos, CA. was incorporated on August 10, 1887. It was a vital town supporting the logging days of the Santa Cruz Mountains up until the 1900’s. Just a year later, in 1888, California Masonic Lodge No. 292 was chartered. The Lodge has been a welcoming charitable arm in the Los Gatos community ever since.

Mt. Moriah Masonic Lodge No. 292 is the result of the consolidation of four different lodges. Beginning with the consolidation of Los Gatos No. 299 and the George E. Tutt No. 722 in 1989. The new Lodge became Los Gatos-George E. Tutt No. 292. Followed by Charity No. 362 consolidating with John P. Jarman No. 722 in 1998. The new Lodge became Charity-Jarman No. 362. Later, in 2002 Charity-Jarman No. 362 and Los Gatos-George E. Tutt No. 292 consolidated to become the Mt. Moriah No. 292 Lodge we have today.

Masonry in Los Gatos has a rich history and includes one of most well known pioneers, Mr. James H. Lyndon. Mr. Lyndon was a former 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Los Gatos Mayor, Postmaster and a Freemason.  He was predominately best known, particularly in San Jose, as a tolerant and liberal elected Sheriff of Santa Clara County. Mr. Lyndon was a member of the Los Gatos Masonic Lodge No. 282 F.&A.M. and the Ancient Order of United Workmen (AOUW). Santa Clara County is still prospering from his foresight.  Thanks to his Masonic greatness, by enduring pioneering hardships, remaining focused and determined to help people of his community, he paved the road for our future.  Leaving us all his true Masonic stewardship, legacy and vanguard of progression for generations love and enjoy.  Let there be light.


Mt. Moriah Lodge Offices
Mt Moriah Lodge Officers installation, 2019

2019 Officers

Worshipful Master Ketan Jashapara, PM
Senior Warden Damir Herman
Junior Warden Allen Diamond, PM
Senior Deacon Jeff Powell, PM
Junior Deacon Pavan Banda
Senior Steward Randall Ristau
Treasurer Nicholas Schilling, PM
Secretary Gordon Markley, PM
Marshal Ron Rundell
Tiler Jim Dingman, PM
Organist Eric Horton
Inspector Joe Campbell, PM
Inspector, 341st Masonic District

Joe Campbell, PM