About Mt. Moriah Masonic Lodge No. 292 F.&A.M.

The history of Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 in Los Gatos, California, reflects its deep roots in the local community and the broader traditions of Freemasonry. Established in 1888, just a year after Los Gatos was incorporated, the Los Gatos Masonic Lodge No. 292 has played a significant role in the town’s development, particularly during the logging boom in the Santa Cruz Mountains that lasted into the early 1900s.

The creation of Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 came about through the amalgamation of four different lodges over several years to establish the Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 of today.

Historical figures from Los Gatos, including prominent residents who were part of the town’s leadership, played pivotal roles in the community and the lodge. Their contributions, grounded in the Masonic principles of brotherhood, morality, and spirituality, have left a lasting impact on the area. These individuals were instrumental in fostering a spirit of community service and philanthropy that continues to characterize the lodge’s activities.

As a recognized part of the Grand Lodge of California, F&AM, Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 is connected to a global network of Freemasonry that advocates for personal development, ethical living, and community service. The lodge actively engages in initiatives that embody Masonic values, such as charity, education, and mutual support, thereby serving not just the Los Gatos community but contributing to broader societal welfare.

Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 also serves as a resource for those interested in exploring the history and philosophy of Freemasonry. The lodge offers access to materials and discussions on the origins and evolution of Freemasonry, as well as its philosophical foundations, which include themes of brotherhood, morality, and spirituality.

Let there be light.


2024 Officers

Randy Ristau, PM
Worshipful Master, Randy Ristau, PM

Senior Warden, John Sawtelle

Rob Holt, Junior Warden
Junior Warden, Rob Holt

Jeff Powell, PM
Senior Deacon, Jeff Powell

Burak Oksayan
Junior Deacon, Burak Oksayan

Nicholas Schilling
Treasurer, Nicholas Schilling, PM

Eric Horton
Secretary, Eric Horton

Ron Rundell
Marshall, Ron Rundell