Freemasonry is open to all men of good character who are at least 18 years of age and believe in a Supreme Being.

You might be surprised how many Masons you know.  While we do not go out of our way to advertise our membership, neither do we attempt to hide it, and many members proudly wear Masonic lapel pins and rings.

Becoming a Mason

To become a Mason, you must ask a Mason.  No Mason should ever ask you to join.

Therefore, if you’d like to become a Freemason, or just learn more about the Fraternity, ask a Mason you know to tell you about his experiences and why he became a Mason. You’ll gain quite a bit of symbolic and esoteric knowledge.

On the other hand, if you don’t know any Masons, you can and will if you join us for our Stated Meeting dinner. We meet the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM.  The dinner is open to all, and is followed by the members-only lodge meeting at 7:30.

So, come join us for dinner, and you will have the opportunity to meet the members of the lodge (as well as some of their spouses and children– the dinner is very much a family affair).  We will be happy to answer all of your pertinent questions. If you feel one hour is not enough to get to know us adequately, feel free to come the next month as well.  We’re always glad to have you to dinner.

Then, if you decide you’d like to join, ask a member for an application. Remember, no one will ask you, although it is okay, for a member to invite you to the dinner or to ask if you’ve ever considered membership.

The Application Process

If you choose to sign an application, we require you to have two members of the Mt. Moriah No. 292 Lodge whom you’ve met and gotten to know, sign your application as sponsors. We also require the signatures of two additional people, women or men, who do not need to be members of a Masonic Lodge. We will review your application at the next stated meeting and you’ll be informed of our next steps after that.

Looking forward to you to joining us for dinner!

If you would like a member of the lodge to contact you regarding your desire to become a Mason, please fill out the Contact Form on the Contact Us page.